How do I cancel my subscription through Apple TV?

How to manage subscriptions on Apple TV

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Accounts.

    Opening the Settings app on Apple TV

  3. Select Manage Subscriptions.
  4. Enter the password associated with your Apple ID.

    Entering your Password on Apple TV

  5. Choose a subscription.
  6. Select a renewal option.
  7. When asked to confirm the changes, select Confirm.

    Changing a renewal type of subscription on Apple TV

    How to cancel via iPhone or iPad

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Tap iTunes & App Store.

      Opening the Settings app on iPhone

    3. Tap your Apple ID.
    4. Tap View Apple ID.
    5. Enter the password associated with your Apple ID and tap OK.

      Viewing Apple ID on iPhone

    6. Under the Subscriptions section, tap Manage.
    7. Choose a subscription.

      Managing subscriptions on iPhone

    8. Toggle the Automatic Renewal switch off.
    9. Tap Turn off to confirm.

      Turning off auto-renewal on iPhone

    How to cancel via iTunes on Mac or Windows

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Select your Profile on the upper right side of the iTunes window.

      Opening iTunes on Mac

    3. Click Account Info.
    4. Enter the email address and password associated with your Apple ID.
    5. Click View Account.

      Accessing account in iTunes on Mac

    6. Under the Settings section, Find Settings.
    7. Click on Manage.
    8. Find the subscription you wish to change and click Edit.

      Managing subscriptions in iTunes on Mac

    9. Under Automatic Renewal, click Off.
    10. Click Turn off to confirm.

      Turning off auto-renewal in iTunes on Mac


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