I am having Audio/Sound issues on the site.

Most of the audio issues you might experience when watching on can often be fixed with a few simple adjustments.

Below are some suggestions to resolve audio and sound playback issues:

  • If you are using the Chrome web browser, the newer releases have a feature that automatically mutes videos that auto-play.  Interacting with the video will unmute the site.
  • Verify that the volume settings in the player have the correct settings. Make sure that the video you're watching isn't muted and that the volume is not set too low.  (The volume controls are found in the lower right corner of any video you are watching)
  • Verify that your computer speaker volume and settings are correctly set. On a Windows computer, you can check this by double-clicking the volume icon in the System Tray and making sure that none of your volume settings are muted. On a Macintosh system, the volume controls are located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Verify that other media speakers such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime can output audio. Are you able to hear a video that's stored locally on your computer?
  • Restart the browser and try watching Motor Trend videos again.

If you are continuing to run into this issue, please submit a ticket directly to us by clicking this link: Submit A Request

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