Roadkill Garage

Roadkill Garage:

Roadkill Garage is an all-new show that will be appearing exclusively on Motor Trend monthly in 2016. Featuring David Freiburger from Roadkill and Steve Dulcich from Engine Masters (don't worry, Mike Finnegan is still the co-host on Roadkill), Roadkill Garage finds Freiburger and Dulcich wrenching on Roadkill project cars and other things that meet the Roadkill vibe. They'll show you how to do the wrong things the right way.

Here is how you can follow along with the Ignition crews latest adventures:

Motor Trend

Looking to get in touch with the Roadkill Garage crew? Check out their Facebook page:

Roadkill Garage is a Motor Trend exclusive. Sign up for MT now at: Subscribe Now!

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