I signed up for an account on an Apple Device or Roku, provided my email address, and now I can't log into my account anywhere else?

If you signed up for an account directly within the Apple TV and Roku, and provided your email address during the sign up process, you can access your account and watch Motor Trend OnDemand (MTOD) from any other supported device. 

While your email address was provided, we still need to finish creating your account. Simply go to the MTOD supported device you want to watch on, enter your password, and click on the 'forgot password' link. This will send you a way to create a new password that will allow you to take MTOD anywhere you want to be. 

If the password reset is not working for you, please submit a ticket directly to us by clicking this link: Submit A Request

Unfortunately, if you signed up for an account directly through your Apple Device or Roku and did not provide MTOD with your email address (the email address associated with your Apple or Roku account is not shared with us due to privacy reasons) you will not be able to watch MTOD on any other device. For more information please visit this help thread: No Email Provided

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